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The stories are many. The stories are sad. But, some stories have hope. We hear and address each one at GGAF. If we're fortunate enough, some of the stories that come across our desks lead to good news, good endings, good results, progress and success.

The GGAF has provided much needed financial and medical assistance to retired NFL players dating back to 2007. Still, the requests and needs continue to come in from retired NFL players asking for guidance and assistance. More work needs to be done. Will you be the one to help us make a difference?

A former Green Bay Packer, from the Lombardi era, received financial aid to help with the funeral expenses for the sudden passing of his wife.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, who played from 1990-1993, was severely injured and unemployed due to health issues. He was provided with rent, utilities and food from GGAF.

A former Chicago Bear received funds to assist with expenses for care needed while suffering from dementia.

Former Chicago Bears star needed medical and financial assistance with his fight to battle Guillain-Barr Syndrome. GGAF has assisted with medical expenses and secured his treatment and rehabilitation through a pro-bono medical facility.

A former Philadelphia Eagle who played in the 1990’s and is too injured to work, and receives no disability, was provided with funds for his utilities and other financial assistance.

A retired player from the New England Patriots who can’t work due to medical conditions was assisted with rent payments, utilities and food.

A retired player from the Buffalo Bills received funds for medicine, food and clothing. GGAF also placed him in a detoxification program to assist with addiction to painkillers and GGAF assisted in securing placement with a pain management physician.

A retired Jacksonville Jaguar received financial aid for food, living expenses, medicine and health care. GGAF also secured a vehicle for basic transportation through a private donor.

A former 11-year veteran with the Broncos, Bills, Colts, Raiders was living in a FEMA trailer with no running water. He suffers from head injuries and post-concussion syndrome—short-term memory, inability to concentrate/focus, severe depression. GGAF has provided funds for utilities, food and basic needs.

A former San Diego Charger was homeless and living in his car. He was also dealing with many medical and mental issues. The GGAF stepped in and helped provide funds and assistance in securing temporary shelter and medical help.

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