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The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF) is a non-stock non-profit 501( c)(3) organization, providing financial grants and pro bono medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need. The organization focuses on the humanitarian side of post-football related issues: social services to retired players who are in need due to a variety of reasons such as, inadequate disability and/or pensions.


Hands-on assistance to help retired players and their families deal with the hardships they face after football.


• Medical assistance
• Transportation costs for medical evaluations and surgeries
• Housing assistance
• Financial assistance for utilities
• Medication
• Coordination of services for food
• Automotive payments
• Childcare




To assist retired NFL players in dire need

who were pioneers of the game

and have greatly contributed to the

NFL's status as the most popular sport in America.

The idea for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund started in 2007… because of a stolen Super Bowl ring. Jerry Kramer, NFL Hall of Fame lineman for the Green Bay Packers, had his Super Bowl championship ring stolen. He subsequently had a replica ring produced. He later discovered his original ring was being auctioned online. The auction company returned the original Super Bowl ring to Kramer. In return, Kramer gave his replica ring to the Auction Company where $22,000 was raised. Kramer founded Gridiron Greats and the $22,000 became the initial capital for the organization.


Then, in 2008, Mike Ditka took over as Chairman of the Board and helped expand the programs and services offered to what they are today.


Jerry Kramer
Coach Mike Ditka
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