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 Advisory Council Membership FAQs 

What exactly is the Advisory Council?

The GGAF Advisory Council is a team of experts, specializing in a range of business-critical areas, that develop strategy and implementation plans for their specified area. The goal of the Advisory Council is to help the Greats move the mission forward by leveraging their individual knowledge, skills and abilities

Do Advisory Council members also sit on the Board of Directors?

No. Though Advisory Council members are critical to the success of our organization, they do not have voting rights like a Board of Directors member would.

How does someone get onto an Advisory Council?

Advisory Council membership is by invitation only. This invitation could come from either the President of the GGAF or a member of the Board of Directors.

What are the different Advisory Councils?

Current Advisory Councils under consideration:

  • Healthcare/Medical

  • Fundraising

  • Legal

  • Insurance

  • Public Relations

  • Organizational Finance

  • Accounting

  • Financial Planning

  • Social Media/Online Presence

  • Marketing

  • Ambassador/Volunteer Program

  • Human Resources/Job Placement

  • Social Work/Public Assistance

What will i do, specifically, on an Advisory Council?

Inaugural Advisory Council members will need to define scope and write Advisory Council member descriptions. We would also ask that the inaugural members play an active role in recruiting additional Advisory Council members.
Once the initial team has been identified, Advisory Council members will be expected to attend monthly meetings to discuss progress on Advisory Council projects and programs.

Below are a few more specifics as it relates to the Advisory Council role:

  • Serve as a mentor and expert for Board of Director and President

  • Serve as an advocate for the Gridiron Greats, networking on the organizations behalf

  • Fundraising for the GGAF throughout the year

Are there any other membership requirements?

In addition to attending meetings and leading efforts for your specific area, each member is expected to donate or raise a minimum of $10,000 to the organization.

What do I receive in return for my membership?

In addition to being part of a highly visible philanthropic organization, you will automatically be enrolled in our “Hall of Fame.” Hall of Fame members are invited to an annual luncheon with an actual NFL Hall of Famer along with honorable mention during all of the GGAF events.

In addition, you will receive VIP access to all GGAF events, your name on our company letterhead, name and recognition on our website, blogs and newsletters and logo exposure on our partner page.

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